Five Things You Should Know Before Creating Your Website

The thought of creating a website can be very intimidating or stressful for anyone – whether you are wanting to have a brand-new website or just bring your existing one up to date, there is simply so much to consider.
We want to make that easy for you by helping you understand what is going to get your customers attention and drive traffic to your website or make them decide to purchase from you rather than your competitors.
We believe there are 5 key components you should consider for your website in order to stand out against the crowd, generate a professionalism and trustworthiness and more importantly get those customers you are looking for.


It seems like an obvious one, but this is where a lot of local businesses either make or break on securing their custom. With the ever-increasing usage of mobile phones, it is crucial that any business should have a mobile friendly website as this is likely to be the method that people will search for whichever product/service they need as 50% of mobile search is aimed at local businesses.
Google reports that 40% of mobile consumers turned to a competitor’s web site after an unsatisfactory mobile Web experience, and 57% wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile website. By ensuring that your website is easily navigable, responsive, secure and optimised with a quick loading speed – you are providing your potential customers an ease in looking at your business and what you have to offer which is sure to keep them looking and secure their custom.


Your website should be an online platform to show your customers what you and your business are about whilst appearing professional, trustworthy and engaging.
Branding is key to building this image. Determine your visual image with branding aspects such as Logo Design, Colour Schemes, Images and consistent style throughout. Make sure your customers know you are the best choice for exactly what they are looking for!


Calls to action on your website are an effective way to prompt any potential customers to contact your business. A call to action is typically a phrase or command which urges a customer to take some action and advises them what to do next after viewing your website or products/services – typical examples include “Buy Now” or “Contact Us Today”.
Regardless of what you are wanting your website visitors to do, always include a call to action at least one on each webpage to ensure that potential customers take the next step and don’t simply just click off your website.


We would advise before you start thinking of what content you would want on your website to firstly consider the overall structure and layout.
Create a sitemap with the pages you want on your website and a straight-forward navigable structure where your customer can locate easily what they are looking for – this way they are more likely to stay on your website rather than getting tired of searching. Not only will this help your customers, but it will help with SEO and enabling any key important information off your website to be discovered by search engines.


With the continuous increase in advanced technology, your website is going to be exposed to a higher risk of hackers or malware and viruses that threaten your websites security. This is especially common for e-commerce sites where online transactions are carried out.
To reduce the chance of browser-based threats to your website, adding an SSL certificate to your website is beneficial and carry out frequent security checks or work with a provider who offers this service.

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